Synthetic Biology inspired Medicines


We design and engineer microbial strains rationally

to manufacture or as medicines

for infectious diseases, cancer and beyond

About us

Delonix is a world leading biotech company dedicated to design and engineering of microbes for medicines. Founded by experts from synthetic biology, vaccinology and cancer immunotherapies, Delonix holds the ambition to reform the way we develop and manufacture medicines for challenging health issues.

What We Are Doing

manufacture of medicines

Microbes harness plenty of enzymes and pathways to produce glycoproteins, acids, polysaccharides and hybrids.  Inspired by nature, adjuvant molecule, polysaccharide protein conjugates,  diverse antigens and even RNA can be designed and biosynthesized efficiently within a cell, or in a cell-free way, driving process simplification.


Live-attenuated vaccine (LAV) is among the most effective vaccine types against untackled bacterial infections. Traditional ways to generate LAV require tedious labor work without guaranteed success. We apply rational design to engineer vaccine strains from the aspects of bacterial replication, antigen display and immune modulation, enabling serotype-independent protection.

cancer therapies

The human tumor microbiome consists of abundant intracellular bacteria. Like oncolytic virus, bacteria harness the power of tumor cell lysis and immune stimulation. Bacteria can be further engineered to target solid tumors and deliver all kinds of therapeutic payloads ranging from DNA, RNA to proteins, precisely and continuously.


Delonix Bioworks Closes $14 Million Series Seed Financing

to Accelerate the Development of its Innovative Synthetic Vaccines

Delonix Bioworks Ltd. (Delonix), a biotechnology company dedicated to developing the next generation vaccines with synthetic biology approaches, has recently closed a $14 million Series Seed financing led by Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund (BIVF) and IDG Capital, with participation from ZhenFund and an undisclosed investor. The financing will be used to accelerate the building of synthetic biology vaccine platforms and advance pipelines of synthetic vaccines to clinical trials.